Unifi, Malaysia’s leading telecommunications provider, offers a range of SIM card options for tourists and travelers visiting the country. Whether you’re looking for a prepaid or postp plan, Unifi has got you covered. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve into the details of Unifi’s SIM card offerings, prices, and where to purchase them, ensuring you stay connected throughout your Malaysian adventure.

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I. Quick Facts about Unifi Malaysia

Unifi is a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), a leading integrated telecommunications company in Malaysia. Here are some key facts about the company:

  • Founded: Telekom Malaysia Berhad was established in 1949, and Unifi was launched in 2008.
  • Full Company Name: Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM)
  • Types of Services Provided: Fixed broadband, mobile broadband, voice services, data services, and digital services.
  • Number of Subscribers: As of 2022, Unifi had over 2.7 million broadband subscribers.
  • Coverage: Unifi’s network covers most major cities and urban areas in Malaysia, with ongoing efforts to expand into rural regions.
  • Estimated Number of Network Stores and Agents: Unifi has over 300 retail outlets and thousands of authorized dealers across Malaysia.

II. Unifi Malaysia Coverage and Speed

Based on user feedback and independent reports, Unifi offers Malaysian mobile users comprehensive coverage and lightning-fast data speeds on its 4G and 5G networks. It is considered one of the top options for reliable connectivity both in cities and on the go around the country. 

1. Unifi Coverage in Malaysia

Unifi has extensive nationwide 4G LTE coverage in Malaysia, reaching close to 98% of the population as of 2021. Unifi provides reliable outdoor and indoor coverage in urban centers like Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang, and Kuching. Coverage is also good along major highways connecting these cities. While roaming is supported, coverage may be limited in remote rural regions.

2. Unifi Malaysia Speed

Speed tests show that Unifi consistently delivers some of the fastest mobile data speeds in Malaysia. In Opensignal’s September 2023 report, Unifi won gold medals for 5G Download Speed Experience, averaging 409.4Mbps. It also took home awards for Overall Download Speed Experience at 37.7Mbps and Consistent Quality with a score of 67.2%.

Unifi users enjoyed fast speeds for online activities like video streaming, gaming, and social media use. 5G rollouts continue to enhance speeds in cities where the next-gen network is available.

III. Unifi Malaysia Connectivity Options for Travelers to Malaysia

Unifi offers several connectivity options for travelers visiting Malaysia, including prepaid SIM cards, postpaid plans, and mobile broadband packages. These options provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to stay connected while exploring the country.

IV. Best Unifi SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Unifi Mobile offers two SIM cards specifically for tourists:

SIM CardData AllowanceCalls AllowanceValidity PeriodPrice (RM)Price (USD) *
Tourist SIM2GB internet10 mins local calls
10 mins IDD calls
7 days20~4.50
Tourist SIM10GB internet30 mins local calls
30 mins IDD calls
15 days40~9
*Exchange rates may fluctuate over time. USD prices provided are approximate based on the current exchange rate of 1 RM = 0.22 USD and are not fixed.

Unifi’s prepaid SIM cards are an excellent choice for tourists and travelers visiting Malaysia. These SIM cards offer a variety of data packages, voice minutes, and SMS bundles to suit your needs.

V. Does Unifi Malaysia support eSIM?

Yes, Unifi Malaysia supports eSIM technology, which allows you to activate a mobile plan directly on compatible devices without the need for a physical SIM card. This can be a convenient option for travelers who have eSIM-capable devices.

VI. Where can you buy a Unifi SIM card and eSIM?

1. Where to buy Unifi Malaysia SIM for Malaysia

Locate a U Mobile Store Near You – See Store Addresses

You can purchase Unifi SIM cards at various locations across Malaysia, including:

  • Unifi retail stores and customer service centers
  • Authorized Unifi dealers and resellers
  • Convenience stores and petrol stations
  • Online through the Unifi website or mobile app

2. Where to buy Malaysia Unifi Malaysia eSIM

If you prefer the convenience of an eSIM, you can purchase and activate a Unifi eSIM through the following channels:

  • Online through the Unifi website or mobile app
  • At selected Unifi retail stores and customer service centers

VII. How to activate Unifi SIM Card/eSIM

1. How to use Unifi SIM card

To activate your Unifi SIM card, follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert the SIM card into your device.
  2. Turn on your device and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your SIM card.
  3. Once activated, you can start using your Unifi SIM card for data, calls, and SMS services.

2. How to activate Unifi eSIM

If you’ve purchased a Unifi eSIM, the activation process is slightly different:

  1. On your eSIM-compatible device, go to the eSIM settings or carrier setup menu.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan the QR code or enter the activation code provided by Unifi.
  3. Once activated, your device will be connected to the Unifi network, and you can start using the eSIM services.

VIII. Unifi Call & SMS Rates in Malaysia

Unifi offers competitive call and SMS rates for both prepaid and postpaid plans. Here are some typical rates:

  • Unifi Prepaid Call Rates: Starts from RM0.20 (approximately $0.05) per minute for local calls.
  • Unifi Prepaid SMS Rates: Starts from RM0.10 (approximately $0.02) per SMS for local numbers.
  • Unifi Postpaid Call Rates: Unlimited calls to local numbers (for most postpaid plans).
  • Unifi Postpaid SMS Rates: Unlimited SMS to local numbers (for most postpaid plans).

IX. Useful USSD codes for Unifi SIM Card/eSIM

Unifi Mobile does not have a USSD code for account information or balance checking. However, Unifi Mobile does offer various services and ways for customers to keep track of their mobile account. This includes checking your account details and balance through the Unifi Mobile website at unifi.com.my or via the myunifi mobile app.

The myunifi app allows Unifi Mobile users to view call/data usage, make payments, get help and support, and more directly on their smartphone. 

X. How to Top-up Unifi SIM Card/eSIM

Topping up your Unifi SIM card or eSIM is a straightforward process. You can top up by following these steps:

  • Download the Unifi Mobile app from your device’s app store.
  • Insert your UNI5G WOW SIM into your mobile device.
  • Open the Unifi Mobile app and select “Reload” on the main menu.
  • Choose your preferred payment method. You can choose from Debit/Credit Credit Card, Online Banking, Pay4Me, or Reload Voucher.

XI. Alternatives to Unifi SIM Cards

Enjoy Hassle-Free Malaysia Travel with affordable, Fast and Reliable eSIM Plans

While Unifi is a popular choice for tourists in Malaysia, there are other telecommunication providers that offer SIM card and connectivity options. Some alternatives to consider include:

Alternatively, you can buy a tourist eSIM from malaysiaesim.com.

As the #1 eSIM supplier in Malaysia, we offer a wide range of prepaid data packages starting from just $4.90. Plans are valid for use within Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

Some key benefits of purchasing a Malaysia eSIM from malaysiaesim.com include:

  • Instant activation upon purchase. The eSIM QR code is delivered to your email immediately so you can scan and connect right away without needing a physical SIM card.
  • Flexible durations ranging from 3 days up to 1 month to suit different trip lengths.
  • Fast 4G speeds on Malaysia’s reliable cellular networks Digi and Celcom without roaming charges.
  • Works with more than 200+ smartphone models from brands like Apple, Samsung and Google.
  • 24/7 customer support available via WhatsApp, email and live chat should you need any assistance.

Malaysiaesim.com is a convenient option for travelers who don’t want the hassle of finding a SIM card locally after they arrive.

Plans that may interest you

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Malaysia eSIM 7 Days
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XII. FAQs about Unifi SIM Cards

Where can I buy a unifi Mobile SIM card?

unifi Mobile SIM cards can be purchased at all TM Points outlets as well as major electronic and mobile stores nationwide. Starter packs usually come bundled with some initial quota.

Where can I buy a unifi Mobile SIM card?

unifi Mobile SIM cards can be purchased at all TM Points outlets as well as major electronic and mobile stores nationwide. Starter packs usually come bundled with some initial quota.

What prepaid plans does unifi Mobile offer?

unifi Mobile offers various prepaid data plans ranging from 1 day passes to 30 day packs with quota ranging from 500MB to 15GB. Plans start from around RM5-10 for 1-2GB 1 day packs and go up to RM30-50 for larger 7-15GB 30 day packs.

How do I activate a data pack?

To activate an unifi Mobile data pack, dial *555# and select “Internet Pass”. Choose the pass you want to subscribe to and follow the instructions. Passes usually auto-renew monthly but can be turned off before renewal date if desired.

Does unifi Mobile offer international roaming?

Yes, unifi Mobile offers daily roaming passes to select countries in Asia starting from RM10-15 per day with quota of 500MB-1GB. Passes need to be manually activated by dialing *555# when you arrive overseas.

How can I check my data balance?

To check remaining data balance on unifi Mobile, dial *555# and select “Check Internet Quota Balance”. Alternatively, you can check via the myunifi app available on iOS and Android.

XIII. Final words

Unifi, as one of the leading telecommunications providers in the country, offers a range of SIM card options, including prepaid, postpaid, and eSIM solutions, catering to the diverse needs of tourists and travelers. With competitive pricing, extensive coverage, and reliable connectivity, Unifi ensures that you can stay connected throughout your journey.