Traveling to Malaysia and looking for a reliable and affordable mobile data solution? U Mobile, one of the major telecommunication providers in Malaysia, offers prepaid SIM cards eSIM options specifically tailored for tourists and visitors. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about U Mobile SIM cards, including coverage, pricing, and where to purchase them.

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I. Quick Facts about U Mobile Malaysia

U Mobile, short for U Mobile Sdn Bhd, is a Malaysian mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that was founded in 2007. As a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad, U Mobile provides various telecommunication services, including voice, messaging, and high-speed data services. Here are some key facts about U Mobile:

  • Founded: 2007
  • Full Company Name: U Mobile Sdn Bhd
  • Services Provided: Voice, messaging, data, and value-added services
  • Number of Subscribers: Over 7 million as of 2022
  • Coverage: Nationwide coverage across Malaysia
  • Network of Stores and Agents: Approximately 1,500 retail outlets and authorized dealers across Malaysia

U Mobile’s Offerings

U Mobile offers a wide range of prepaid and postpaid plans for both individuals and businesses. Their prepaid plans are particularly popular among tourists and visitors due to their flexibility and affordability.

Awards and Recognition

Over the years, U Mobile has received numerous awards and accolades, including the “Best Data Experience” award from Tutela in 2022 and the “Coolest Telco Brand” award from Seri Mutiara Awards in 2021.

II. U Mobile Malaysia Coverage and Speed

1. U Mobile Coverage in Malaysia

U Mobile’s network covers the entire Malaysian peninsula, as well as parts of East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak). The company has been consistently expanding its coverage and improving its infrastructure to provide better connectivity across the country.

According to Opensignal report from September 2023 analyzing Malaysian networks, U Mobile has improved considerably in speed and coverage with the rollout of 5G. U Mobile was among several Malaysian MNOs that launched 5G in 2022 utilizing the infrastructure of the national wholesale 5G network Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB).

This provides U Mobile customers with reliable connectivity when living in or visiting Malaysia’s most densely populated regions. 

2. U Mobile Malaysia Speed

When it comes to network speed performance, U Mobile provides average 4G download speeds capable of smooth video streaming and online gaming in many locations. In major cities like Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, U Mobile’s speeds have been found to compare well to other mobile operators on average. However, speed does vary depending on location and network traffic.

With ongoing infrastructure upgrades, including the integration of 5G technology, U Mobile aims to continue boosting speeds across its coverage footprint to meet growing demand.

The Opensignal report found U Mobile was one of the most improved operators in Malaysia year-over-year for speed metrics. U Mobile saw download speeds increase 259.5% between the second half of 2022 and the same period in 2023. Upload speeds also improved greatly by 142.2% in the same timeframe.

III. U Mobile Malaysia Connectivity Options for Travelers to Malaysia

The best connectivity option for travelers to Malaysia will depend on their specific needs and budget. Here is a comparison table of different connectivity options offered by U-Mobile for travelers to Malaysia:

Connectivity OptionDescriptionProsCons
RoamingUsing your existing mobile SIM card from your home country and roaming in Malaysia on U-Mobile’s network.Convenient to use your existing number. No need to swap SIM cards.Usually more expensive than local plans. May have data limits or slow speeds after limits.
Local SIM cardPurchase a prepaid or postpaid SIM card from U-Mobile in Malaysia. Replace your home SIM with the local one.Cheaper calls and data within Malaysia. No roaming charges.Need to swap SIM cards. May have issues with eSIM compatibility for some phones.
Pocket WiFiRental portable WiFi device that can connect multiple devices to internet.Portable internet for multiple devices. Useful if traveling in a group.An additional rental cost. Device needs recharging. Data limits apply.
Prepaid data SIMSIM card with prepaid data bundles. No need for calls/SMS.Low cost option just for internet access. Easy top-ups.Only provides data, no calling/SMS. Device needs an additional SIM slot.

A prepaid data SIM is a low-cost choice for basic internet access without calling/SMS functionality. This caters to travelers prioritizing a cheap data-only solution.

IV. Best U Mobile SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

U Mobile offers a variety of prepaid SIM card options for tourists, catering to different data needs and budget preferences. Here are some of the best U Mobile SIM cards for tourists, along with their costs:

SIM CardDataCallsValidityPrice (MYR)Price (USD)
UNLIMITED Funz Prepaid Starter Pack200 MB data for high-speed mobile internet accessUnlimited Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PUBG Mobile, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, imo and Viber10 daysRM 10~$2.22
UMI Data Plan 1.5 GB1.5 GB7 daysRM 5~$1.11
UMI Data Plan 500 MB500 MB15 daysRM 15~$3.33
UMI Data Plan 1.5 GB1.5 GB20 minutes30 daysRM 20~$4.44
UMI Data Plan 2.5 GB2.5 GB30 daysRM 26~$5.78
UMI Data Plan 7.5 GB7.5 GB30 minutes30 daysRM 30~$6.67
UMI Data Plan 7.5 GB7.5 GB30 daysRM 36~$8
UMI Data Plan 2 GB2 GB150 minutes30 daysRM 38~$8.44
UMI Data Plan 12 GB12 GB50 minutes30 daysRM 50~$11.11
USD prices are approximate based on an exchange rate of 1 USD = 4.50 MYR which may fluctuate.

It’s important to note that while these SIM card options provide generous data allowances, they may have limitations on speeds or throttling after a certain data usage threshold. It’s always recommended to check the terms and conditions of each plan before purchasing.

V. Does U Mobile Malaysia support eSIM?

Yes, U Mobile Malaysia offers eSIM (embedded SIM) services, catering to travelers who prefer a more convenient and digital solution. With U Mobile’s eSIM, you can enjoy seamless connectivity without the need for a physical SIM card.

The process of acquiring and activating a U Mobile eSIM is straightforward and can be done entirely online or through authorized resellers. Once activated, the eSIM can be used on compatible devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or wearables, allowing you to access mobile data, voice calls, and messaging services without any hassle.

U Mobile’s eSIM offerings are specifically designed for tourists and visitors, providing flexible data packages and easy activation processes. This ensures a seamless transition to Malaysia’s mobile network, eliminating the need to search for SIM card vendors or physical outlets upon arrival.

VI. Where can you buy a U Mobile SIM card and eSIM?

1. Where to buy U Mobile Malaysia SIM for Malaysia

Locate a U Mobile Store Near You – See Store Addresses

U Mobile SIM cards are widely available across Malaysia, making it convenient for tourists to purchase them upon arrival. Here are some of the common places where you can buy a U Mobile SIM card:

  • U Mobile Stores: U Mobile operates a network of physical stores throughout Malaysia, where you can purchase their SIM cards and get assistance with activation and plan selection.
  • Authorized Dealers and Retailers: U Mobile has partnered with numerous authorized dealers and retailers, such as convenience stores, mobile phone shops, and even some supermarkets, where you can find their SIM cards.
  • Airports and Transportation Hubs: Many airports and major transportation hubs in Malaysia have designated kiosks or counters where you can purchase U Mobile SIM cards upon arrival.
  • Online Platforms: You can also purchase U Mobile SIM cards through various online platforms, such as the U Mobile website or authorized resellers, and have them delivered to your accommodation in Malaysia.

When purchasing a U Mobile SIM card, remember to carry a valid form of identification, such as a passport, as it may be required during the registration process.

2. Where to buy Malaysia U Mobile Malaysia eSIM

If you prefer the convenience of an eSIM, U Mobile offers several options for purchasing their eSIM plans:

  • U Mobile Website: You can visit the U Mobile website and purchase an eSIM plan directly from them. The website provides detailed instructions on how to activate and set up the eSIM on your compatible device.
  • Authorized Resellers: U Mobile has partnered with various authorized resellers, both online and physical stores, where you can purchase their eSIM plans. These resellers often cater specifically to travelers and offer convenient options for eSIM activation.
  • Travel Agencies and Tour Operators: Some travel agencies and tour operators in Malaysia may offer U Mobile eSIM plans as part of their packages or services for tourists.

When purchasing a U Mobile eSIM, ensure that your device is compatible with eSIM technology and follow the provided instructions for activation and setup.

VII. How to activate U Mobile SIM Card/eSIM

1. How to use U Mobile SIM card

Activating a U Mobile SIM card is a straightforward process. Here are the general steps:

  1. Insert the U Mobile SIM card into your device.
  2. Turn on your device and follow the on-screen prompts to activate the SIM card.
  3. If prompted, enter the required personal and identification details.
  4. Once activated, you can start using the SIM card for voice calls, messaging, and data services.
  5. Top up your SIM card with the desired data or voice plan using any of the available top-up methods.

It’s important to note that some U Mobile SIM cards may require additional activation steps, such as dialing a specific USSD code or visiting a U Mobile store for registration. Always follow the instructions provided with your SIM card for a smooth activation process.

2. How to activate U Mobile eSIM

Activating a U Mobile eSIM is slightly different from a physical SIM card, as the process is entirely digital. Here are the general steps:

  1. On your compatible device, navigate to the eSIM settings or the option to add a new cellular plan.
  2. Scan the QR code or enter the activation code provided by U Mobile or the authorized reseller.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process, which may include entering personal and identification details.
  4. Once activated, your device will be ready to use the U Mobile eSIM for voice calls, messaging, and data services.
  5. Top up your eSIM plan using the provided options, such as online top-up or through authorized retailers.

It’s important to note that the exact activation process may vary depending on your device and operating system. Always refer to the instructions provided by U Mobile or the authorized reseller for a smooth eSIM activation experience.

VIII. U Mobile Call & SMS Rates in Malaysia

When using a U Mobile SIM card or eSIM in Malaysia, it’s essential to understand the call and SMS rates to manage your usage and costs effectively. Here are the typical call and SMS rates for U Mobile:

1. Voice Call Rates

  • Local Calls (On-Net): Calls made to other U Mobile numbers within Malaysia are typically charged at a lower rate or may even be free, depending on your plan or package.
  • Local Calls (Off-Net): Calls made to other mobile or fixed-line numbers in Malaysia may incur slightly higher rates, usually ranging from RM0.20 to RM0.50 per minute.
  • International Calls: Rates for international calls vary depending on the destination country and can range from RM0.50 to RM3.00 per minute or higher.

2. SMS Rates

  • Local SMS (On-Net): SMS messages sent to other U Mobile numbers within Malaysia are typically free or charged at a minimal rate, such as RM0.01 per SMS.
  • Local SMS (Off-Net): SMS messages sent to other mobile or fixed-line numbers in Malaysia may incur slightly higher rates, usually ranging from RM0.10 to RM0.20 per SMS.
  • International SMS: Rates for international SMS messages can vary widely depending on the destination country and may range from RM0.20 to RM1.00 or more per SMS.

It’s important to note that these rates are subject to change and may vary depending on your specific plan or package. Always check the current rates and terms with U Mobile or consult their website for the most up-to-date information.

IX. Useful USSD codes for U Mobile SIM Card/eSIM

U Mobile provides several USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes that can be dialed from your device to access various services and information. Here are some useful USSD codes for U Mobile SIM cards and eSIMs:

Check Prepaid BalanceDial *118#
Check Data UsageDial *118#, select U Broadband, then select <Check Usage>
Check Balance via SMSSend an SMS with the text BAL to 281181
Check Postpaid BalanceSend an SMS with the text PLUS1 to 28118
Recharge via USSDDial 138<top-up PIN of 14-digits>#

These USSD codes can be extremely helpful for managing your U Mobile account, monitoring usage, and accessing various services while on the go. Always check with U Mobile for the latest and most comprehensive list of USSD codes and their functions.

X. How to Top-up U Mobile SIM Card/eSIM

To continue using your U Mobile SIM card or eSIM after the initial credit or data allowance has been consumed, you’ll need to top up your account. U Mobile offers several convenient top-up methods to suit your preferences:

Online via MyUMobile App:

  • Launch the MyUMobile App and select Menu.
  • Choose either “Top Up My Account” or “Top Up For A Friend” tab.
  • Select the top-up value and your preferred payment method.

Using a Voucher:

  • Dial *PIN code# to top up your own number. To top up another number, dial PIN code<recipient number>#.
  • Press the Call button.
  • You will receive an SMS confirmation once the top-up is successful.

You can also top-up your prepaid offline using voucher codes available at U Mobile Stores, merchant partners, 7-Elevens, and ATMs nationwide

XI. Alternatives to U Mobile SIM Cards\

Enjoy Hassle-Free Malaysia Travel with affordable, Fast and Reliable eSIM Plans

While U Mobile is a popular and reliable choice for mobile connectivity in Malaysia, it’s always good to have alternatives in mind. Here are some other SIM options in Malaysia that you can consider:

1. Celcom SIM Cards

  • Celcom is one of the largest mobile operators in Malaysia. They offer 4G LTE coverage in most major cities and towns.
  • Plans start from RM10/month for 6GB data. Celcom also offers attractive roaming add-ons for traveling to nearby countries like Singapore.

2. Digi SIM Cards

  • Digi is another major Malaysian telco known for affordable plans and good nationwide 4G coverage.
  • Their unlimited data plans start from RM25/month. Digi frequently runs promotions for new and existing customers.

3. Maxis SIM Cards

  • Maxis is the third largest operator in Malaysia, known for their faster average 4G speeds.
  • Postpaid plans with handphone subsidies are available, otherwise prepaid plans start from RM20 for basic data and calls.

4. eSIM from

  • Malaysiaesim offers various eSIM travel plans that do not require a physical SIM swap.
  • Plans provide data-only connectivity in Malaysia and nearby countries for flexible durations like 3 days, 1 week etc.
  • Compatible with many latest iPhone and Android devices. Easy to set up the eSIM profile for instant connectivity.
  • Affordable rates and no need to queue at physical stores make it a good alternative for short-term usage.

Plans that may interest you

Malaysia eSIM 15 Days
Malaysia eSIM 15 Days
From $4.50
Malaysia eSIM 7 Days
Malaysia eSIM 7 Days
From $3.90

XII. FAQs about U Mobile SIM Cards

To address some common concerns and queries about U Mobile SIM cards, here are some frequently asked questions:

Where can I purchase a U Mobile prepaid SIM card?

U Mobile prepaid SIM cards are available for purchase at stores and many 7-Eleven convenience stores across Malaysia. You can find the nearest store on the U Mobile website store locator.

How do I check my prepaid balance and data usage on U Mobile?

To check your prepaid balance, dial *118#. To check your data usage, dial *118# and select the “U Broadband” option, then choose “Check Usage”. Alternatively, you can check balances and purchase data packs via the MyUMobile app.

What data packages are available on U Mobile prepaid?

U Mobile offers various data bundles valid for 1 day, 7 days, 15 days or 30 days ranging from 100MB to 12GB. Packages start from RM2 for 100MB valid 1 day, up to RM50 for 12GB valid 30 days. Unlimited data plans with throttled speeds are also available from RM12-38 per week/month.

Can I use my U Mobile SIM Card for roaming overseas?

Yes, U Mobile provides roaming data packages that can be activated by dialing 1101# when overseas. Plans include 1GB for RM15/day or 3GB for RM30/3 days in selected countries. Check U Mobile’s website for full roaming coverage details.

Is there a way to get unlimited 4G data on U Mobile prepaid?

Yes, U Mobile offers unlimited daily high-speed data plans called GX12, GX30 and GX38 valid for 7, 30 days respectively, with speeds throttled to 3-6Mbps after a daily FUP. The GX38 plan offers unlimited calls as well.

How do I renew or extend the validity of my U Mobile prepaid SIM?

Simply top-up your U Mobile prepaid account with at least RM10 to extend the SIM validity for another 30 days. You can also purchase data packages to simultaneously top-up balance and extend validity.

XIII. Final words

With their extensive coverage, various data package options, and user-friendly activation processes, U Mobile caters to the diverse needs of travelers. Whether you prefer the flexibility of a physical SIM card or the convenience of an eSIM, U Mobile has you covered.

Remember to carefully consider your data usage requirements, budget, and travel plans when selecting the most suitable U Mobile offering. Additionally, be sure to familiarize yourself with the top-up methods, USSD codes, and customer support channels to ensure a seamless mobile experience during your time in Malaysia.